Migrate existing OBBLM site

If you are currently using the free hosting from http://www.obblm.com with a subdomain (example: mybb.obblm.com), you will have to post a new message on the front page to display:


This will override a safety mechanism that doesn't allow in use subdomains to be used.

Backup database
Login to your control panel (cPanel or Kloxo for example) and launch phpMyAdmin.
Select the database.
Click Export.
Choose the Custom export method.
Under the Object creation options, uncheck Add CREATE PROCEDURE / FUNCTION statement
Under the Data creation options, check Truncate table before insert

Confirm/Choose the Quick Export Method and SQL Format and click GO.
Save the file.

Login to the new hosting control panel (cPanel).
Select phpMyAdmin.
Import the previously saved database.

If you are using a provided subdomain, the site is ready to go.  If you are using an existing domain, you will have to point the domain's nameservers to the nameservers given to you in the welcome email.  Your domain/subdomain may still be pointing to the old site.  You can browse to http://cp1.mercuryvps.com/~username to view your new site.  The old DNS entry should expire in less than 3 hours and should be ready to use at that point.

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